• 120kg


  • 19kg

    Item weight

  • 35km/h

    Max. Speed

  • 10inch

    Wheel Size

Airwheel Z3T electric scooter

    Compassionate riding fun

    On various occasions, it can make your city travel easy and fun

    Easy and quick folding

    Either the corner of the home or the space under the desk can be easily stored. Easy connection to different vehicles, buses, subways.

    Double brake system

    Front wheel electronic brake + rear wheel disc brake, two-pronged braking is safer

    Brake safety warning tail light

    It is more eye-catching only at night and safely remind the vehicle behind around.

    Three-speed electric assist mode

    Three-speed electric power assisted free choice,Easy riding

    The large driving display screen is extremely simple and full of design. Magnesium alloy integrated molding process, light weight,high strength, corrosion resistance. Also more robust and reliable

    10-inch tires

    Hard and low energy consumption rubber is used. Reduce drag, improve battery life, high-viscosity rubber to improve cornering grip Make turning and going straight are extremely easy

    Widened and thickened wear-resistant pedal

    Comfortable foot feel, non-slip design, guarantee safety. Light weight, high strength, corrosion-resistant. magnesium alloy not only makes the body lighter,but also stronger and more reliable.

    Safety self-locking mechanism

    It adopts a new folding mechanism developed by ourselves. When folding, you only need to rotate the safety self-locking to ON, which can be easily read and folded, slim and compact, and easy to store.

Airwheel Z3T All Terrain Off Road Electric Scooter