Airwheel SL3

SL3 digital travel Smart NFC luggage fashion luggage suitcase

Airwheel SL3 fashion smart suitcase equipped with detachable power bank, Bluetooth lock. and it is the combination of style, aesthetics, and practicality.

Airwheel Sl3 smart luggage

Using NFC or QR Code technology, Airwheel SL3 are the most advanced luggage available

Airwheel SL3 Smart NFC suitcase that provides a secure way to store personal contact information on virtually any traveling valuable such as luggage or electronics

    Unlock it with your mobile phone’s Bluetooth

    Get remote unlock via Official Airwheel APP to keep track of your luggage status in real time

    Directly unlocked it with a tap of your phone

    Use U.S.-designated, globally available TSA custom lock to avoid violent disruption during inspections.

    External USB port

    With USB charging port, Enjoy worry-free travel. Be ready to charge mobile phones, tablets and other portable electronic devices at any time(Portable charging)

    Colorful Flash lights

    Customize atmosphere light colors, light effects and breathing flicker via Airwheel official Application. (colorful light effects)

    Intelligent searching mode

    As for travel security, open the searching mode, it will remind you intelligently and don’t be afraid of losing your luggage

    Pop-up power bank

    USB port can act as a large power bank, quick plug design, click easily to pop up and easy to travel.

    Large capacity space Reasonable storage partition

    Waterproof and wear-resistant, Reasonable allocation of internal space to meet the needs of travel for 1-7 days.

    Aluminium alloy trolley

    Thickening material, multi-gear adjustment is suitable for people of various heights for smooth lifting

    Silent universal wheel

    With high elastic material wheels, You can enjoy smooth soft sound, easy and labor-saving push and pull.You can deal with various types of road surfaces easily.

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Airwheel SL3 smart luggage
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