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Yellow Water-Ripple Textured Red Water-Ripple Textured Yellow Patterned Shin Guards Red Patterned Shin Guards

Good permeability

Airwheel exclusive shin guards feature high air
permeability and delicate textures, delivering
comfortable riding experience.


Soft and

good elasticity

Airwheel exclusive shin guards are made of
Premium materials which is soft and yielding
to care for your legs.


Environmental health

Airwheel exclusive shin guards are made of
Non-toxic and Eco-friendly materials free you
From safety concerns.


Steps to use texture Leggings plate


1、Preparation of materials

Prepare shin guards and double adhesive tapes


2、Apply the Adhesive Tapes

Tear off one side of the double adhesive tapes and
stick it on X8 as shown in the red area.


3、Tear off the Film

Tear off the other side of double adhesive tapes
As shown on the left picture.

Tear off the double-sided adhesive film


4、Attach the Shine Guards

Align one side of the shin guards with the adhesive tapes and
Carefully attach it onto the tapes.


5、Fix the Shin Guards

Press the shin guards hard several time to
Make sure it’s fixed in place.



Fit your calves and facilitate your
Safe and smooth rookie period.

X8 special decoration leggings, posted fashion, riding a wonderful!
Patterned Shin Guards


Water-Ripple Textured Shin Guards
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